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Welcome businesses / individuals!

COMMERCIAL COMPANY INTERNATIONAL MARINE NATURAL been active in the field of eels with many years of experience. Our company specializes in providing fish meal imported from foreign countries including the category: Anguilla Bicolor (bicolor Pacifica, bicolor bicolor), Anguilla Japonica. Fish are assured of quality and prestige. In addition, customers also get technical support fish meal in cement tanks (high survival rate). Our company has the resources to feed the eels originating from China (currently at large eel farms in Korea and Vietnam farms are using this high-end food). If you need to buy food for eels please contact us, we will enter the correct amount of food according to your requirements. Food standards of quality protein for eels and high viscosity.

♦ Our company is also active in the field of import and export, if individuals / companies wishing to import goods (especially seafood), please contact us. Ensure safe, quick!

♦ In addition, our company is also active in the field of wire mesh, has been in operation over 10 years reputation in the market. Ensuring product quality, diverse in size categories. Products Our mesh is usually provided for plastics industry and many other industries.

We are honored to serve our customers!

Best regards!

Director: Ly Tuan Hung